On this page, you will find well-referenced categorized charts showing every instance of the word wine in the Bible, a chart showing different biblical methods used to preserve wine, a chart providing new studies on alcohol’s effects on the body with data provided by the National Institute of Health (NIH), and a final chart created using information from the NIH and WebMD showing the impact one sip of alcohol has on the different parts of the brain.

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The first chart, The Bible Wine Test Chart, contains every instance of the words wine(s) and winebibber(s) equaling 236 instances, which have been grouped into categories. This is the only chart that has a corresponding parent counterpart, The Bible Wine Definition Test, which contains all of the Bible verses about wine written out. You can instantly view, print, or share any of the charts on this page.

The Bible Wine Test Chart in PDF or JPG format.

The Bible Wine Definition Test in PDF format.

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The Biblical Wine Preservation Chart shows three possible methods that the liquid of grapes, or other fruit, could be preserved based upon known ancient preservation methods recorded in old texts. Modern wineries, farmers, and native peoples were consulted to validate the accuracy of the overall wine preservation chart. Slight variations in preservation techniques are possible, but the number of steps involved would not be dramatically altered.

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The Alcohol's Effects on the Body Chart provides information collected from various subgroups under the umbrella of the National Institute of Health (NIH), including Cancer.gov. The dataset includes more than 1,000 alcohol studies and data sources from 195 countries, which concluded that “the optimal number of drinks to consume per day to minimize the overall risk to health is zero”.

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The One Sip: Disrupts the Brain’s Neurological Pathways chart provides information from various NIH and WebMD sources on the areas of the brain impacted by even small doses of alcohol. The impact of one sip of alcohol can be measured and contributes to why the National Institute of Health (NIH) recommends "zero" drinks per day, as shown in the previous chart called, Alcohol's Effects on the Body Chart.

Throughout the Bible, there is a reoccurring theme about the importance of having a clear mind in order to make solid God-centric decisions.

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Wine as defined by dictionaries around the time the King James Bible was translated by the 47 translators:
"Wine: The juice, fermented or unfermented, of various fruits or plants, used as a beverage, sauce, syrup, etc."

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