Obtain the full-color well-referenced free eBook called, God's Blessed Wine VS Satan's Cursed Wine, which specifically discusses the topic of wine in the Bible and if drinking alcohol is considered a sin. You can also obtain a full-color paperback version of God's Blessed Wine VS Satan's Cursed Wine.

The book series called THE TORCHBEARER SERIES: VOLUME 1, 2, and 3 contains information related to wine in the Bible but includes much more.

The following lecture notes are part of the video lecture series that contains hard to find well-referenced information that every Christian needs to know, but most are not aware of.

THE TORCHBEARER SERIES - Suppressed Bible Manuscript History Core Course B501: Session 1 of 3

THE TORCHBEARER SERIES - Suppressed Bible Manuscript History Core Course B501: Session 2 of 3

THE TORCHBEARER SERIES - Pure Christian Torchbearer Doctrine Core Course B501: Session 3 of 3

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Like the eBook versions, the full-color paperback books contain critical information that goes well beyond having a greater understanding of wine in the Bible.

Did you know that not all Bibles are based upon the same Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek texts; so what is the most reliable Bible and why? The quest to answer this critical question launched an investigation resulting in the creation of The Torchbearer Series. The Torchbearer Series used a well-researched, referenced, evidence-based approach and the evidence uncovered led to puzzling questions and surprising answers. This series will increase your faith, trust, and love for God and his ways.

Book1 covers Manuscript Basics and Tempus Absumo to the Reliability of Text and Biblical Redundant Array of Independent Documents (B-RAID) and answers:

  • What is a manuscript?
  • What are the manuscript tools and copying methods?
  • How long did manuscripts survive before a replacement was needed?
  • Did people write down what Jesus said as he spoke?
  • Were backup copies created?
  • What is B-RAID and why is it so important?
  • What is an Unbroken Manuscript Chain-of-Custody and does it matter?
  • Did God say he would preserve most or all of his words?
  • Does the Bible tell us if translations are divinely inspired?
  • Plus many more.

Book2 covers the New Testament Lineage Streams and the Unbroken Manuscript Chain-of-Custody (UM-CoC) preserved by the Torchbearers and answers:

  • Is there an Unbroken Manuscript Chain-of-Custody of Jesus’ preserved teachings?
  • Which Modern Bible(s) are 100% reliable and why?
  • Did the Romanized Christians fully conform to what Lord Jesus Christ taught?
  • Why did Roman Emperor Constantine I alter God’s 4th Commandment?
  • Plus many more.

Book3 covers restoring the pure Christian doctrine of the Apostles, which is in agreement with the ancient Waldenses, Albigenses, Leonists, Cathari, Puritans, Piphles, Patarines, Lollards, Valdensian Christians, and covers:

  • The Seven Golden Rules of Bible Interpretation.
  • Christian Torchbearer Doctrines – The Basic Beliefs.
  • Justification (Soteriology) – Salvation Through Diplomatic Status.
  • Sanctification – Holiness for Inheritance, Rewards, and Crowns.
  • Glorification – God’s Ultimate Love.
  • Two Wines – God's Wine VS Satan's Wine and Understanding the Hidden Biblical Importance.
  • The Sabbath – End of the Bride and Bridegroom Mystery.
  • Plus many more.

If you prefer, see the previous free kindle eBook versions.

Wine as defined by dictionaries around the time the King James Bible was translated by the 47 translators:
"Wine: The juice, fermented or unfermented, of various fruits or plants, used as a beverage, sauce, syrup, etc."

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